Bad Credit Small Business Loan – Does a Bad Credit Small Business Loan Make Sense? – Business Loans

Your enterprise has been your dream, your livelihood and even your obsession for years but due to recent events, the accounts receivable have taken a downturn and you are beginning to accrue a hefty debt. Due to new competition or just a slowdown in consumer spending, or for any reason, the monthly bills dwarf the cash flow each month, and payments are falling behind schedule. The delinquent payments are resulting in substantial late charges being levied and the interest continues to accrue and adds to a growing, rather than decreasing, principal. It seems to you that the financial obligations you are facing are spiralling out of control. The farther behind you get, the more damage is being done to the venture’s credit rating.You think it may be possible to save the venture by taking out another business loan to bring the payments current, but then you get quite a shock. The lender you have always used will no longer grant a loan due to your bad credit rating. You still entertain the idea of taking out another loan to make accounts current. Is it time to consider a bad credit small business loan? What kind of terms can you expect with a bad credit small business loan?A bad credit small business loan is one of several types of alternative style loans that lenders offer to enterprises that no longer qualify for conventional loans due to a poor credit rating. These alternative loans may include a hard money loan that will hold collateral like real estate or other tangible goods to guarantee repayment. A hard money loan is a secured loan, whereas a bad credit small business loan is unsecured, but often has very stringent terms that make it a doubtful advantage. For example, the interest rates are generally quite high and may have balloon payment, or very large payments that come due within a few years. There are usually very stiff penalties for missing a payment and an infraction such as this often can negate the contract and the creditor may be able to demand payment in full immediately. But when an owner is struggling to keep his or her enterprise, a bad credit small business loan may look like the only alternative.The are other alternatives and a professional debt counsellor should be consulted before taking out a bad credit small business loan and sounding the death knell to an already struggling venture.A good consultant will explain the debt management options to a bad credit small business loan such as debt consolidation or even debt settlement. Both of these options depend upon the skilled negotiation that the consultant will undergo with the creditors on the behalf of your enterprise. A settlement or consolidation will result in being able to make reduced payments, by consolidating the debt and by reducing the interest, therefore allowing more of the payment to address the principal. Often a settlement will result in the financial obligation being paid off much more quickly.Another advantage of debt reorganization to a bad credit small business loan is that it actually improves your credit score. Just by entering into a reorganization plan, an owner sends a signal to creditors that he or she is serious about curing the financial situation and the credit rating begins to improve, rather than continuing to sink. Speak to a debt relief consultant to find the solutions that are preferable to a bad credit small business loan, which is, after all, yet another financial obligation to add to the problems that are already in place.